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NGC 6951 or NGC 6952 and a whole lot of dust

Here is the next image I've processed from the data coming out of the observatory. It is of NGC 6951 or NGC 6952 depending on which catalog you look in and the surrounding Integrated Flux Nebula.

This spiral galaxy is 75 million light years away and is classified as a Seyfert Type II galaxy that we view face-on. Even though it appears tiny in the picture below it is a galaxy containing billions of stars.

NGC 6951 and a lot of dust in Cepheus

This image is comprised of over 20 hours of data. We captured almost 24 hours in total but only kept the best data which came out to 300 minutes of blue and green, 330 of luminance, and 270 minutes of red in ten minute sub exposures.

Thanks for looking.