A little information about me:

Since childhood I have always been a fan of all things science. I was always fascinated by the "why" of everything. I found myself trying to learn and understand the "why".

At a young age I began watching television shows and documentaries on space, airplanes, ships, ocean exploration, history, and etc. I found it an enjoyable activity especially when you couldn't go outside because of the weather. Now that I have children of my own if we're gathered around the TV in the evening I'll try to put on something about exploration or discovery to try and spark an interest in them.

I'm a technical person by nature and I have always been good with making things work. Which naturally led to working on cars and later into a career in information technology.

I also found myself with a creative side, a side that was always at odds with the logical/flow chart side. The logical side wanting to know the why and the creative side knowing that why isn't always the answer but instead that just feeling good about something makes it all worth while.

I have always been fascinated with astronomy but after buying my first telescope I found that doing visual astronomy really wasn't for me. I had become so used to these great views of the night sky from all the TV shows I watched that when it came to looking in an eyepiece I was disappointed.

I wanted what I was looking at to be like what I saw on television and I found that photography was a vehicle to achieve that satisfaction. 

Enter astrophotography...  it was very challenging to say the least and for support (and knowledge) I joined the local astronomy clubs. In doing so I met great/like minded people, and really started to learn about the art of astrophotography.

What I discovered along the way was that my technical nature, my skills in IT, and my ability to troubleshoot made astrophotography something that was not only possible, but actually fun and rewarding and in turn also satisfied that creative side. The technical side of making work and the creative side of making a "pretty" picture.

My journey in marrying technology, science, and art has been a long one and is still ongoing.

Thank you for stopping by my webiste and taking the time to learn a little more about me and my passions.




This is Hexley, he is the mascot of the Darwin operating system which is what Apple's OS X operating system was based on.

This is Hexley, he is the mascot of the Darwin operating system which is what Apple's OS X operating system was based on.